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Iowa Farm Real Estate Services

Farm Brokerage

In many cases the sale of land is a sensitive issue and has been in the family for many years. These situations need to be handled carefully and with respect to the land and the seller’s issues. Prior to any sale these issues are taken into account. Usually attempts are made to sell to area family farmers first and then to investors with a sense of community.

This service is tailor-made to the seller and will always be an emphasis, but some non-traditional areas are of value to many clients. These include buying land through an IRA or other Qualified funds. These methods may seem complicated but they are just the tool for many landowners or farming operations that are getting ready for the financial challenges ahead.

Farm Auctions

We offer a complete farm auction service that works well with our First Notice Club of real estate investors. Our First Notice Club has members throughout the U.S. You will find that we do a more complete market penetration for potential buyers than any other real estate/auction company.

Farm Appraisals

Mark Gannon is an Iowa Certified General Real Estate Appraiser. Farm real estate appraisals are offered as part of our complete service.

Farm Management Services

Farm Management Services

Full Service from negotiating the lease through collection and payment of income and expenses. A variety of lease forms are available to fit the owner’s needs.

Limited Farm Management

This non-traditional approach is to offer a service to a landowner of an annual farm management review of the farm. This would be a complete analysis of income and expense as well as government programs, lease terms, soil and water quality, building and improvement recommendations and operator assessment. The owner still negotiates the lease, handles his (or her) own income and expenses and is the day-to-day contact with the tenant. This approach is less costly to the landlord and sometimes more friendly to the farm operator working relationship. The owner gets outside guidance without giving up control.