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"You did a great job with the appraisal. It provides the data needed to better assess our options." -JF, Des Moines IA

Gannon Real Estate Services

Gannon Real Estate & Consulting lists farms for Iowa landowners and helps buyers find farm land for sale. Agriculture expertise includes IRA real estate purchases and 1031 exchange programs as well as land brokerage & appraisals.

We offer a variety of services in Iowa, including:

  • Farm Real Estate Brokerage and Appraisals
  • Farm Land Listings
  • Farm Management Services

Gannon Real Estate & Consulting is a proud member of the Central States Multiple Listing Service where you can search for land sales, farm real estate and rural property throughout Iowa and the Midwest.

2018 Update 

Land Sales – The land market has held up well with sales for good farmland from $8,000 to $9,500 or more in central Iowa. We have had sales from $2,950 for timber to $9,000/acre for better land. Our inventory is low now but 5 pending sales. The tillable farms that are less than perfect are harder to sell than before since many folks looking for the good ones and not as interested in fixing problems. That is understandable but these farms are opportunities also.

Farm Leasing – It will be a challenging upcoming year with crop prices not doing well plus the weather to the north and drier conditions in the south. This is why we use a lot of flexible cash rent leases, get good data and make sure the farms are as good as they can be. There is no excuse not to do the best you can in managing land and it is hard work if done well. Still a lot of owners guessing at cash rents with no data to make an evaluation. Owning rented land is a complicated responsibility and fortunately we have good clients that appreciate someone in their corner.

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