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"Thanks for all you've done. You were a god send! We really appreciate you" -JC, 2020

Gannon Real Estate Services

We are dedicated to responsibility, accountability and fair treatment of the land, the owner and the operator to improve the land while using strong stewardship to attain attain maximum profitabilty and efficiency of the land.

Looking Ahead Commentary Land Values and Leasing Spring 2022

There has never been a better time to sell farmland than right now due to the high commodity prices supporting the land market with double digit gains in many areas especially for top quality land. There have been prices in the $15,000 – $20,000/acre range in some areas but also some sales that are not near that strong. It is the hardest time ever to appraise land since it is so uncertain. WIth that said it is also the best time to rent your land also but unfortunately many landowners are missing out and going to miss out in 2023 unless they get some help. It isn’t all amount of rent but being fair to all and even though fertilizer prices are high we can’t let the land get behind in fertility. Many are that way already but many will get worse. We are advocates on doing the right thing and all will work out well. We almost exclusively use flexible cash rents which really paid off in 2021 and should do so again in 2022 and beyond. We’d love to get as many people on this path of steardship and fairness.


Recently Released Video on Wilding Iowa and Conservation w/Mark Gannon
“Places to be Wild”


Recent Comments from Clients:

  • We thank you for the assistance you have been providing; it has been a relief to have your management of the farm in place on our behalf, and a pleasure working with you.- PB Dec 2021
  • Thank you Mark. We’re so glad you manage our farm. This flex check is very welcome.  We’re rather tired of the way the tenant tried to manipulate things. Please feel free to do what you feel needs to be done. Thanks again for your continued persistence. JK Dec 2021


Gannon Real Estate & Consulting sells, manages and appraises land for Iowa landowners. Mark has over 40 years exclusively in the field of farm real estate. Agriculture expertise includes IRA real estate purchases and 1031 exchange programs as well as land brokerage & appraisals.

We offer a variety of services in Iowa, including:

  • Farm Real Estate Brokerage and Appraisals
  • Farm Land Listings
  • Farm Management Services

Our dedication is to the best attention to detail for our clients and the land we represent in sales and management. At GREC you get individual attention from Mark Gannon who has over 40 years experience in all aspects of farm real estate.

Remembering the Past

We here at Gannon Real Estate also value the rich history of the family farmer – please enjoy this video we put together.

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