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Record Rainfall

With record rainfall in June what does it mean for the crop prospects in 2014? Record Rainfall Full Post

Questions to Ask Before Buying Farmland

Here is a list of 15 questions one should ask themselves when considering purchasing farmland 15 Questions Full Post

Acres Should Remain Close to Trend

2014 Estimated Acres look to remain close to trends. Estimated Acres Full Post

Real Estate IRAs

Facts you need to know when investing your IRA in Real Estate Self-Directed Real Estate IRAs Full Post

Crop Insurance Popularity Continues to Rise

An article detailing the increased crop insurance coverage farmers are taking each year. Crop Insurance Popularity Continues to Rise Full Post

Farm Bill Tied to Conservation Compliance

The 2014 Farm Bill links crop insurance with conservation compliance. The Farm Bill and Conservation Compliance Full Post

Erosion in Iowa

A DTN article looking at Erosion in Iowa and its effects on farmland over time. Iowa Erosion Problems Pre-Date Ethanol Full Post

Weather’s Adverse Effects on Corn Yields

A study conducted by Stanford University looked into how continued drought and heat stress will effect corn yields over time. Yield Vulnerability Full Post