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Iowa Farm Management

Counties under Farm Management
Counties under Iowa Farm Management

Farm Stewardship Services

Farm Management is the traditional name for this service – however, we don’t see ourselves as the old-style farm managers. We let farmers do their business as best they can as long as they take care of the entire farm from a fertility and conservation manner, while also providing detailed information to document the required information as stated in the lease. The right operator, along with verifiable information, will attain the goals of our owners and achieve the proper return on their land. We offer a variety of lease options that could fit the owners and their specific situation; we work with both the owner and operator to implement the best plan. With our system, owners will most likely receive more information than they ever thought was available, and can then be proud of their land, the progress & profits being made, and appreciate the value of a good tenant.

There is much more to Iowa farm management than collecting cash rents. There are government programs that need to be evaluated that can work well, but many need to be acted upon in a short timeframe. Most owners don’t know about them and their operators have no incentive to let them know or want the hassle of implementing them. It’s hard to blame these operators as today they farm a lot of land with many landlords and simply do not have time to do the “little” things. We prefer operators that have the time to help in all manners of the property.

As Iowa farm managers, we also aid with: drainage programs, tile repairs, terracing, waterway maintenance and implementation, conservation programs, tree plantings, ponds, water quality monitoring, wind towers, well and fence replacement, neighbor negotiations plus whatever the land or owner need related to their land. We now have carbon pipelines in central Iowa that we are evaluating and advocating for the owners. All owners and properties are unique and thus need individual attention, which many owners cannot do on their own.

We offer a complimentary and confidential analysis of your property that we would enjoy getting a chance to present to you whether you use us in the future or not. Please let us know.

Full-Service Iowa Farm Management

For our Full-Service Management program, we offer services that can range from negotiating the lease to the collection and payment of income and expenses. We also offer a variety of leasing options that are available and customizable to fit the owner’s needs.

Our emphasis is placed on finding the best tenant that will provide the right compensation, conservation assistance, and record-keeping for the landowner. Flexible cash rent leases are stressed in which the landowner gets a guaranteed base cash rent plus extra in the years that the farm does well. These leases are popular with tenants as they don’t incur as much risk while the owner has the potential for a bonus to be paid out, based upon a predetermined and agreed-upon formula that fits the situation.

Regardless of the type of lease chosen, we require a high level of record accumulation as well as a continued analysis of your property and the lease relationship as a whole. We are not rent collectors, like many other farm managers, but work with you and your tenant to make sure the land is as productive as possible while also striking a balance with the conservation and long-term preservation of the property.

Full-Service Farm Management

Farm Real Estate Consulting Services

Due to Mark’s extensive experience in all phases of agricultural real estate matters, sometimes there is a need for additional help. Consulting covers a wide area of possible projects including land rent evaluations, land split settlements, land exchanges, government program analysis, and many other possibilities in the farm real estate business. All farms, owners, and families are unique and present varied opportunities and possibilities. Court appearances and testimonies are to be avoided but sometimes that is necessary and Mark can help selected cases as an expert witness.