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Other Services

Other Services

Farm Appraisals

Mark Gannon has been an Iowa Certified General Appraiser for almost 30 years.  We perform appraisals covering several areas including but not limited to sales and transfers of real estate, estate planning, mortgage financing and investment analysis. Gannon Real Estate & Consulting specializes in appraisals of agricultural and recreational land.

At Gannon Real Estate & Consulting we consistently provide our clients with a superior appraisal product and service. In addition to providing appraisals Gannon Real Estate & Consulting offers a number of additional valuation services.  These services are listed below.

Additional Services:

  • Market Analysis & Consulting
  • Expert Witness Testimony

To inquire about Gannon Real Estate & Consulting performing an appraisal or other valuation service, contact us today at 515-291-5942 or by email for additional information.


Farm Real Estate Consulting Services

Consulting covers a wide area of possible projects including land rent evaluations, land split settlements, land exchanges, government program analysis and many other possibilities in the farm real estate business.  All farms, owners and families are unique and present varied opportunities and possibilities. With over 30 years of agriculture real estate experience Mark can evaluate your project and give you a quote.


Find the perfect tenant – or owner – for you

Farmland Stewardship Solutions is offers a farm leasing platform and resource for both landowners and operators. There are three main tools that are available to you.

Lease and Farm Monitoring
As agriculture relies more on data with each passing year the need for an ongoing lease monitoring service became evident. Our goal is to provide landowners and operators with the information and tools needed to help them reach their goals. We understand these goals will vary for each farm and individual, that is why we have set up our Lease Monitoring Service to accommodate any leasing situation.

Our goal in monitoring your lease is to ensure you are obtaining all the needed records, data, all while receiving a market value rental rate. This can be time consuming, complicated and stressful.  Farmland Stewardship Solutions is here to help.You will have comfort in knowing your lease is being monitored by experienced professionals.

Stewardship Assistance
It is our belief that all farms need to be maintained and cared for with the best stewardship practices in mind. In order to achieve this, continued oversight and analysis is needed. There are a number of government programs available that many individuals are unaware of.  Farmland Stewardship Solutions stays current with these programs and provides recommendations and options to our clients.

We store all records pertaining to your property on US Farm Records. US Farm Records is a secure internet based system that allows for parties to upload records directly to their account where they can be stored indefinitely. Having these valuable records on hand allows the owners to make well informed decisions concerning their land.

Beginning Farmer Focused
Farmland Stewardship Solutions is concerned with the next generation of farming and have worked with a number of owners who want to rent their land to a beginning farmer. The past few years have been some of the most difficult times for young farmers to get a start with record land prices and high cash rents. Landowners who rent out their property to a beginning farmer receive a tax credit through the state which can vary based on the type of lease in place.

Farmland Stewardship Solutions has a large network of operators who qualify as beginning farmers which owners are able to utilize. Our full range of services cannot be fully described in the above words. We would love to meet with you to show you what we can do for you.

Our mission is to create and maintain long term relationships between owners and operators by developing fair and market-based lease agreements while providing our clients with the information, knowledge and tools they need in order to achieve all of their farmland goals.

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