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US Farm Records

US Farm Records

An essential resource for farmers

US Farm Records is a subsidiary developed and maintained wholly by US Farm Lease in order to help farmers organize and maintain information about plots of land. This is a new concept that aims at giving landowners and operators a means to keeping accurate and sustainable information in a highly accessible manner. US Farm Records will allow for better forecasting and improved decision making involving properties to improve yields and overall effectiveness. Ask yourself:

1) Do you ever have problems finding all the documents related to your piece of land?

2) Do you ever lose previous year’s documents?

3) Are you curious about previous yields, soil, and drainage information?

4) Do you own or operate a new piece of land and are interested in finding the history of the farm?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or are just looking for a quick and easy way to store all of your farmland documents, look no further than US Farm Records. Remember, US Farm Records is YOUR farmland record keeping service!

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