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Leasing Land for Farming

Leasing Land for Farming

Farm Lease IowaFarmland Stewardship Solutions offers a unique service to both landowners and tenants. They match absentee landowners with farmers who are looking to cash rent land. Did you know that 40% of farmland in the US is leased? And rented farmland is valued at over a trillion dollars. Are you missing out on income that could be generated by cash renting your land?

Farmland Stewardship Solutions takes care of all the details. Need to find a tenant? Unsure on lease wording, current land values, what information you need from your tenant? We can help with all of that!

Need to find a landowner willing to lease his land to you? Is your lease fair to both you and the landowner? How much information should you be providing the landlord about crops and yields? Farmland Stewardship Solutions can answer any questions you have about leasing and farming land.

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