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Farmland Stewardship Solutions

Farmland Stewardship Solutions


Find the perfect tenant – or owner – for you

US Farm Lease is online farm leasing resource for both the landowners and operators. There are three main tools that are available to you.

New Tenant Assistance – We are a matchmaking tool for landowners and farm operators where landowners or their representatives can post a tract of land for rent according to their lease terms to prospective tenants in a secure environment. There is no other method for landowners to truly search for qualified tenants like US Farm Lease and no where farm operators can all have an equal chance to expand or begin their operation. Landowners  can improve their current lease with their present tenant or open up their property to all operators in an open and fair competition to secure a quality tenant.  Farm Operators  can have an equal chance to rent quality properties in their areas. Realtors, Farm Managers, Family Members, Financial Advisors or other parties can help their clients and friends increase their income and protect their property. Fiduciaries  can assure their clients that they have met their needs through a competitive price discovery method.

Lease Monitoring – Landowners can hire us to assist in the setting up and monitoring a lease that can give them the assurance that the lease terms are being adhered to and the farm is well maintained.  Through tenant and farm input vendor cooperation with farm records along with aerial photos and other methods of farm monitoring we are able to provide a service that assists landowners not ready for farm management but recognize the need for help in understanding farm details, programs and the increased complexity of agriculture. There is an annual report provided which gives a detailed analysis of the previous year with recommendations and points out areas of concern that the owner and tenant may want to address. There is also financial analysis to understand the owner’s income but also estimates the tenant’s income from the previous year’s lease.

Information Updates – We strive to find and post all farm leasing related articles and information. WE also have a periodic newsletter that is free for signing up.

Our mission is to create and maintain long term relationships between owners and operators by developing fair and market-based lease agreements while providing our clients with the information, knowledge and tools they need in order to achieve all of their farmland goals.

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