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Farmland Stewardship Solutions

Farmland Stewardship Solutions

Rent Farmland IowaLooking for a farm leasing company in Ames? Give Farmland Stewardship Solutions a call! 515-233-4144. We are a complete farm leasing service – putting owners and operators together, and helping with farm records and data.

We strongly believe that farm rents should be based upon the productivity and unique situation for each property. The only way to achieve a fair rent and know you are taking care of the long term value of the land is get good data on fertility, yield results, chemical applications, fertilizer and/or manure applications, crop rotations and other factors then we can figure the proper lease and stewardship plan for the land.In Iowa, for instance, approximately 57% of farms are leased and 92% of those farms are leased directly by the owners without assistance. Most owners have little to no data on yields, fertility, conservation plans, erosion levels, drainage tile and other information which they should have as part of their data set. We assist in gathering that information and storing it long term in their own data file at US Farm Records.

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