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Farmland IRAs

Farmland IRAs

Investing in real estate in a qualified retirement plan has been in existence since the mid 1970s and is used by many people to diversify their portfolio. We have helped many individuals through this transaction and have several tracts of land under management in a custodial arrangement for these investors.  This is a good way to own a hard asset with an annual return that stays in the account and accumulates for normal investment choices or can be used for another real estate purchase once the cash or investment account is built up. Recently we have seen a lot of advertisement for gold as an IRA alternative but land or other real estate has the advantage of providing an annual income, pride of ownership and other aspects of normal land ownership.  Gannon Real Estate has helped but does not recommend certain companies or receive compensation for referring clients to IRA custodians.  Potential clients that are interested in these services will need to independently review these transactions and custodians.

Real Estate IRAs

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