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Farm Tenant Agreement

Farm Tenant Agreement

Cash Rent Lease IowaCash Rent Lease IowaAre you a tenant looking for farmland to rent? You’ve come to the right place! Farmland Stewardship Solutions can help you find an absentee landowner looking to rent land and set up a cash rent or flex lease. Not sure what you need to do to rent land from an owner? Don’t worry, we do all the paperwork for you!

Are you a landowner looking for a tenant to cash rent your land? Unsure on how much you should be charging, or the specific terms of a lease? We can help! Our team is up to date on the latest land rates and lease information.

We specialize in connecting beginning farmers with  landowners who need to lease their farmland. We have a large network of owners and operators, and can make those connections for you! We also handle all the leasing agreements, including working with both parties to find a lease that works for everyone. We also help with tax credits, long term leases, discount rates, and more!

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Contact us if you have any questions on leasing your land, or finding land to rent.